List of Game Number 1 in Indonesia Latest 2023

    List of Game Number 1 in Indonesia Latest 2023

    On this occasion, we want to provide complete data regarding the number 1 game in Indonesia, what it is, what it is, and so on. Therefore, just watch this article until it’s finished. Indonesian people have been very close to games on smartphones, PCs, and consoles since many years ago.

    Starting from the emergence of PS 1 and PS 2 game rentals to internet cafes, people’s interest in games, especially teenagers, has increased rapidly. Even teenagers are also competing with each other to show off their achievements in games, for example character levels in an online game.

    With a very high interest in games, of course these gamers play games every day and even all the time. Therefore, there are games that are very often played by gamers in Indonesia, especially on smartphones.

    Intrigued by the number 1 game in Indonesia, what is the best oti with the top popularity ranking in Indonesia? Check out the following reviews.

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

    The first rank of the most popular game in Indonesia is Mobile Legends Bang Bang or more commonly referred to as ML. This game with a 5 vs 5 MOBA system has lots of characters called heroes, you can choose a hero according to the role you need.

    There are Mage, Fighter, Tank, Support, Assassins, and also Marksman. Everyone has their own role and victory in this game is a team victory, not personal.

    This game has been present in Indonesia for a long time and since then Mobile Legends has become the number one game. Moba games at that time weren’t as popular as they are now, but with the release of this game from Moonton it can make gamers addicted. It’s no wonder that you are also old players of this ML game and have collected lots of heroes in your account.

    PUBG Mobile

    After the MOBA game, there is also a shooting game with a battle royale format that tops the list, namely PUBG Mobile. The PUBG game, which originally came from a PC or computer, was once the best-selling game on PC. When this game appeared in the smartphone version, its popularity exploded and almost all smartphone gamers played PUBG Mobile. Global gamers also play this smartphone battle royale game every day with a squad of 4 people per team. So instead of beating 99 other people.

    You can form a team of 4 people and fight 25 teams of 4 people too. Even though this game is popular, currently smartphone owners have to upgrade their devices because each update of this game will be harder to run.

    Garena Free Fire

    When PUBG Mobile was released, it turned out that there was a competitor who was also in the top ranking, namely Garena Free Fire. With the same format, players will dive into an area and shoot each other until only one survivor remains.

    What’s different from PUBG Mobile and makes this game popular among Indonesians? The answer is specifications. Unlike PUBG Mobile, which has stunning graphics and battles, Free Fire or FF is simpler.

    The simple display actually makes this game easier to run so that low-end device owners can also play it as an alternative to PUBG. Therefore, it’s no wonder that FF is one of the best and most popular games in Indonesia.

    Genshin Impact

    If there is currently the best RPG game in Indonesia, then the only suitable candidate is the game Genshin Impact. As a game that is present on various platforms and smartphones.

    This game has very stunning graphics for the smartphone class. Because the graphics are very good, a good device is needed to be able to install and play it.

    Not only good graphics, features and fierce battles are also present in this one RPG game. Because of the severity of the Genshin Impact game, this game is often used as a benchmark or benchmark for whether a smartphone is said to be strong or good. Even Asus ROG and Xiaomi Blackshark classmates were abused by gadget YouTubers to play the Genshin Impact game, to get more complete information, please visit meus precos.


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